I wanna hear your story, gimme all the juicy details

Are you ready for this?

I want to make sure that every single session feels like I'm working with best friends! If you're screaming YASSSS after reading everything on my about page and you know we would be the perfect fit for each other, then girl GET IN my inbox. Let's do this thing!!

But first...

"She has been such a friend during the whole process"

"Laura is SUPER friendly and made such a stressful day, so calm and took care of more than what was asked for. She has been such a friend during the whole process of the wedding planning and even after the wedding. She has such a personality to connect with anyone and make you feel so comfortable in any situation, even uncomfortable ones! I am booking her for trash-the-dress session and many many more sessions afterwards! Nothing but nice and amazing things to say about her!"