If you also adore things like: old film photos that you found in your grandma's closet, a garden in the backyard, gluten free sourdough bread baking at home with a glass of wine (with bougie cheese of course), and absolutely speechless over the love of your life.... well then, we're about to be besties!

Let’s be friends.
I friggin mean it!

you can call me laura

I married the love of my life (who I met on a dating app) and became a mom for a 3rd time to a bonus son (7yo)!

LEGIT THOUGH, I STOPPED WATCHING A RYAN REYNOLDS MOVIE TO CHAT WITH THIS CUTE GUY WHO HAD MESSAGED ME on the app... One of my besties forced me to respond back to the guy and we’ve honestly never stopped the conversation. Fun fact - since it started out long distance, we actually said “I Love You” for the first time to each other over one of our FaceTime dates! 

I’m a mama to Jax (3yo) and Colton (2yo), self-admitted chips and salsa addict, and a bit of a concert junkie... seriously... I LOVE live music and have been known to see the same artists over and over and over and over (got it??) again... 

my story is a bit unconventional ...

If you're looking for a photographer who will pose every detail of your session, and make sure every little hair is perfect... keep on scrolling, sis. I'm the gal who values moments over poses, and will act as crazy as needed in order to get those authentic laughs out of you and your Boo.

Sure, I'll work with you and guide you through each session (and get some classic shots for grandma's wall), but I love creating LIFE and MOVEMENT in images ... so we're going to have FUN while shooting! I'm not into just showing up and get photos of you and your Boo smiling.. I want to capture the laughs, tears, and every quirky moment that shows how your love story FEELS. 

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why I'm different

I'm not your average kinda of gal